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In Today’s Economy, an “Opportunity” For 55+ Homebuyers

Cinnaminson, NJ In fact, it may be a perfect storm of affordability, desire and opportunity for local homeowners to shed an aging, oversized house and buy new.  The community, which opened in 2008, experienced a significant price decrease last spring.  Buyers whose own house values had fallen could now afford buy new at Siena.  By the fall, Siena had nearly sold out its available homes and was ready to start a new building.

Construction on 17 new homes – one building’s worth – started in December.  The new homes have more upgraded features than the previous homes did, including birch cabinets, ceramic tiled master showers with built-in seats, and even a departure from the standard “builder white” wall paint, according to Charlene Schaefer, Sales Manager at Siena.

But perhaps the biggest “opportunity” is the chance to start a new life.  Residents point to lower utility costs, lower taxes – there’s a 5-year tax incentive – and less maintenance in the hotel-like buildings.  There is even a Siena Club with exercise equipment, card tables and a lounge where neighbors routinely gather to plan new activities.

“This is the best thing I ever did,” beams Barbara Schneider, who bought after the price decrease and moved in the summer.  “I’m glad I reached the stage in my life to do this.  It’s just an easier way to live.”

The Siena Sales and InformationCenter is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday through Wednesday, 856-786-0252.  Visit www.HOVhomes.com/siena for photos and prices.

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