J.S. Hovnanian & Sons' NEW Realtor Advantage Program offers Realtors unprecedented ways to earn more money, conveniently and remotely register clients, while protecting your right to an earned commission.

Program Features:

Higher Commissions Protected Commissions Easy Client Registration

Realtor Advantage Program Information


  • Get 3% Commission on the Base House Price.
  • Full Commission is paid at closing.


  • Realtor does NOT need to accompany their client to the Sales office on first visit to register a client.
  • Realtor does NOT need to register the client online before the prospect's first visit.
  • Realtor DOES need to register the client and be in touch with Sales Manager before deposit is made.


  • Realtors now have 2 ways to register clients with a particular J.S.Hovnanian & Sons Community:
    • Fill out a registration form at the Community Sales Office.
    • Fill out an online registration form at www.HOVhomes.com/realtors.
  • All client registrations will expire after 90 days.
  • Realtors will be prompted to re-register their clients as the expiration date gets closer.
  • Re-registration does NOT need to be continuous. A realtor may re-register their client at a later time if the client has become active again.


  • To earn a commission, a Realtor must minimally:
    • Register their client online or in person; that registration must be "Active" (i.e. not expired) at the time at which the client gives a deposit on the purchase of their JSH&S home.
    • Be enrolled in Realtor Advantage at www.HOVhomes.com/realtors.
    • Make contact with JSH&S Sales Manager before a deposit is given.