Whether you're looking for a new home, have questions about your current J.S. Hovnanian & Sons home, are looking to join our corporate family, or would like to partner with us in building new homes in the future, we would love to hear from you.

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J.S. Hovnanian & Sons is regarded as one of the most reputable and innovative firms in the building industry, a stature achieved through three generations of hard work and dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

In order to meet the needs of today's homebuyer, J.S. Hovnanian & Sons is constantly exploring new housing opportunities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

We are actively seeking land suitable for the development of single family, multifamily and senior housing. Sites should be located near major infrastructure, including highways, public sewer, water, gas and electric and should be zoned for residential use.

Settlement on selected properties can be accomplished in a short period of time.

If you have an interest in selling a property, please complete the information below or contact
Peter J. Hovnanian @ 1-856-235-8444 x134

Thank you.

Standard Information

Your name:
Relationship to Owner:
E-mail Address:

Property Location

Tax Identification: (lot,block,map or parcel#)

Property Size:

# of Lots:
If lots, give size:


Owner Representative:
(If not owner, representative must have authorization of owner)

Status of Property

Please describe whether the property has any approvals for residential development and current status of these approvals. Please also describe any buildings, structures, or improvements on the property.


Please list the names of any professionals (lawyers, engineers, surveyors, and consultants) who can provide additional information on the property.

Asking Price

Please state the asking price for the property and any special considerations regarding the sale of the property.

* All information provided is confidential and is attained by J.S Hovnanian & Sons for the sole purpose of determining possible property acquisition.